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These berry-wine colors have really been growing on me lately… and it’s no wonder! Those new vegan bags from Freedom of Animals and Matt & Nat! Those Stella McCartney faux suede boots! They’ve got me feeling like maybe I could actually be OK with the end of summer this year… which is a good thing, considering it’s almost Labor Day… can you believe it?! Have an amazing week, everyone. Click the links below to shop! 

1. Traveller Sunglasses – TOMS / 2. Mother Cotton Sneakers – Eytys / 3. Red Dahlia Matte Liquid Lipstick – Aromi / 4. Dress – Red Valentino / 5. Virkin Bag – Freedom of Animals / 6. Keely Bag in Blaze – Matt & Nat / 7. Dress – Miu Miu / 8. Ceren Ring – Tiklari / 9. Lava Coconut Kiss Lip Butter – Pacifica / 10. Faux Suede Boots – Stella McCartney /


Vaute Couture Jumpsuit vegan fashion

Vegan fashion powerhouse Vaute Couture recently released some new styles for fall, and they are 💯

new from Vaute Couture Autumn 2015 vegan fashion


I mean, you can buy all of these looks in solid colors if you like, but why not try something new and ADORABLE like the Sea World defying whale print? #emptythetanks

Vaute Couture Kelsey Dress in Whale Print vegan fashion for autumn 2015

Fashion that’s fun and good for the animals, what could be better?

Vaute Couture A line skirt whale print vegan fashion autumn 2015

OH! How about 25% off this week? Would that not make this the perfect time to invest in a new jacket too?! Their waxed-canvas styles are now available in new colors for ladies and gents, just in time for cooler weather. I love this pretty orange Belden jacket, worn here by Vaute owner and designer, Leanne, for issue #2 of Vegan Good Life Magazine.

Vaute Couture Belden Jacket in Orange Waxed Canvasphoto by Julia Cawley

Click here to shop the collection online, OR, if you’re in Los Angeles, stop by their new pop-up shop at 1306 Abbot Kinney Blvd! They’re open starting at 1pm on August 29th and then from 11-7 everyday until October 21st. Be sure to check it out if you’re in town!  💕



Set the Lace Dress Equipe Major Vegan Fashion

This PETA-approved online boutique has been outfitting the most stylish of vegan fashionistas for an entire year now, and to celebrate, they’re offering 25% off through August 30th with the code: 1year 

Cloud Puff Off the Shoulder Top Equipe Major Vegan Fashion

Don’t you just love browsing a store and knowing that everything you see is cruelty-free and vegan? You can’t go wrong! Especially not with a 25% discount…

Flowers in the attic skirt Equipe Major vegan fashion

I’ll take one of everything please!

Back it up Jumpsuit Equipe Major Vegan Fashion

Skyscraper high waist pants Equipe Major Vegan Fashion

Time for Tea Maxi Skirt Equipe Major vegan fashion

School Girl Jacket with vegan leather trim Equipe Major

Too Graphic Oversized Sweater Equipe Major Vegan Fashion

Can’t get enough cruelty-free fashion? Yeah, me either… 

Click here for more special offers from your favorite vegan brands. Happy shopping!


Greetings from Oklahoma! SURPRISE – I live here now!


Vladik and Tow Mater… reunited!!

I know… I can’t believe it either…

I mean, where do I start with this post? I guess if you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time you’ve probably picked up on some of my personal struggles. When I started eVolstyle a little under two years ago I was newly divorced and c o m p l e t e l y  l o s t.  I had just crossed a major life hurdle by ending an unhealthy relationship with my second husband, and as happy as I was to be free from that source of pain, I was also terrified to let go of the life I had imagined for myself as an actor in Los Angeles. I tried to hang on as best I could, but eventually I came to realize that my old dreams no longer fit me. I was ready for change, but I had no idea what I wanted anymore, so I found a full-time job in a field that interested me (fashion production) and tried to make the best of things. It worked for a while. I embraced the challenge of learning a new job, keeping up with a toddler on my own, blogging… on the surface, things were OK. Things probably would have been OK all around if I had been making enough money to actually enjoy living in Los Angeles. As determined as I was to “make it” in LA, there was another part of me that knew my lifestyle (and career) was simply not sustainable, and I had no idea what to do about it. I mean, I had a lot of ideas, but no time to pursue any of them, which left me feeling beyond frustrated with my situation.


Missed my boo, Asta…

I was stuck in this cycle of being frustrated and scared (and exhausted) for months until recently I realized that there was a simple solution: admit that I needed help finally! I talked to my parents about everything I was dealing with and all of the dreams and ideas I had for my long term career goals, and they were 100% supportive. They offered me free rent and babysitting so I could have time to figure everything out, and I jumped at the opportunity. I put in my two weeks notice at work almost immediately, packed up all of my stuff, and presto-chango here I am… in the house where I grew up, in the city that I left at age 18 while vowing to NEVER, EVER move back. It’s funny… I always thought that if I ever had to move home again it would be the lowest moment of my life, that it would mean I was a complete failure. And I guess it’s true that I have failed at quite a lot of things, but right now, I don’t feel like a failure at all. I’m proud of the fact that I actually tried to do everything I wanted to do, and I’m proud of myself for continuing to try.


I’ll be taking over all of the upstairs bedrooms… hope my siblings don’t mind!

It’s bittersweet leaving Los Angeles. I felt more at home there than I ever did here in Oklahoma. I’ll miss it like crazy – the sunshine, perfect weather, palm trees, beaches, hiking, vegan restaurants, art museums, and the collective creative energy of almost 4 million people all trying to live their dreams. But I’m also really excited to finally have the freedom to work on some of my new dreams, and you know I’ll be crafting a plan to move back to LA as soon as possible!

The Spice Girls poster in my new office stays up… gotta keep it classy, am I right?

The Spice Girls poster in my new “office” stays up… gotta keep it classy!

On a side note – I’ve been suffering from major blogging withdrawal lately. I wasn’t able to post anything about all of this here before my big move, partly because there wasn’t time, and partly because I didn’t want my ex to know in advance, but I’ve been absolutely dying to share everything happening in my world with you! For instance, did I mention that I have a BOYFRIEND NOW? We’re even “Facebook official” you guys… huge deal, right?!

In addition to personal stuff, I especially can’t wait to start posting about all of the amazing new vegan and ethical fashion coming our way for fall. Vegan fashion is currently hotter than ever, and with new brands, blogs, and products popping up everyday, I can’t help but suffer from a little FOMO when I take a 3 week break from blogging. I’ll be posting regularly for good now, so make sure you’re still following for fresh cruelty-free fashion inspiration every day! I’m so excited to get back to work… this is going to be so much fun!! Talk soon!




chrysandals vegan gladiator sandals on etsy

So, it’s AUGUST (??!!!) and I know I should probably talking about back to school shopping, transitioning into Fall with boots and jackets, bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils and whatnot, but I just can’t right now, okay? SUMMER ISN’T OVER YET! Let’s enjoy what’s left of it and shop for some lovely vegan sandals that will see us through the end of this summer and many more ahead… click the images to shop!

Jardin Vegan Heel, Marais USA

amelie flat gold metallic vegan sandal beyond skinArtemis vegan sandal by Jason Wu for MelissaMelissa Cosmic Two Band Slides Marais USA vegan black slide

Bhava Alden Bootie at Bead and Reel Sydney Brown vegan metallic flat sandal

handmade biku vegan sandal from upcycled tiresSTELLA MCCARTNEY ROCIO SLINGBACK ESPADRILLES-BLACK

                                                      ☀ S U M M E R  F O R E V E R ☀


fashion east fall 2015

Hi! So, I guess I took a little break from blogging this week. You know how last weekend I said I wasn’t going to be lazy? Well, I did great on Saturday but woke up on Sunday feeling a w f u l, like I was coming down with the flu, and it lasted for half of the week. No fun. Anyway, this weekend is going to be better, I hope! 

I don’t have a whole lot to say today. Lately I’ve been thinking about and working on making some major changes in my life, but I can’t really talk about them yet, so, yeah… Here’s one change I can talk about though – my new cat, Ethel!


There was a pet adoption event at my office last week, (no idea) and I really wasn’t planning to get a cat, but Ethel was there with her sister Lucy, and they were both just so sweet and cozy! When Lucy got adopted I asked to hold Ethel, and she just hung out in my arms for the longest time. She seemed so calm and relaxed that I thought her temperament would be perfect for coming home to a two year old, and it turns out I was right. She’s the best cat! One of the volunteers told me that black cats often get overlooked in shelters because people get distracted by cats with brighter colors and markings, and I just couldn’t let this sweet thing go back alone, you know?

I forgot how nice it is to have a cuddly, curious cat to hang out with! I’m going to try to not blow up instagram with a bunch of cat spam, but I’m not making any promises – Vladik and Ethel are just too precious to resist most of the time!

Anyway… how about a couple of links for your Friday browsing/shopping?

Select styles are 50% off at Sydney Brown with the code: summer50 (dying! I soooooo wish I could get a pair or two or three…)

I read this last weekend and I thought you might find it interesting too… I’m still digesting… what do you think?

Harry Potter is 35 today?! That can’t be right…?!

That’s all I’ve got for today… FYI, I might not be posting so regularly over the next few weeks, but come mid-August it’s ON. I can’t wait to be able to share everything that’s happening in my world with you!

*top photo is Fashion East Fall 2015 RTW*



Vegan outfit featuring clothing and accessories from Bead & Reel and Tom's Eyewear


1. Eve Playsuit – Groceries

2. Tiny Cat Studs – Natalie Frigo

3. Citrine Ring – Rachael Ryen Jewelry

4. Yvette Victorian Black Floral Sunglasses – TOMS

5. Faro Cork Clutch – Rok Cork

6. Artemis Sandal – Jason Wu + Melissa

Just the perfect summer weekend brunching/errands/playtime outfit courtesy of Bead & Reel + some Toms sunnies…

Last weekend it rained here in Los Angeles and I was so lazy! I will definitely be trying to make up for that this weekend. I hope you have some fun summer plans!

Side note – they are having a PET ADOPTION event at my office today!!!! I am going to try really hard not to come home with a cat, but I can’t make any promises 😉 TGIF!

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vegan oral care products from desert essence and trader joesWhen you make the decision to live a 100% cruelty free and vegan lifestyle, some things are easy to change. Like requesting a coconut milk latte instead of dairy. Or signing up for a vegan beauty box to discover new cruelty free skincare and makeup… so easy, delicious, and fun, right?! But what about your toothbrush? Floss? Toothpaste? Mouthwash? Are they produced by companies that test on animals? Most likely! Are you going to find an exact vegan replica to replace it? Most likely not! At least, maybe not right away…

When I started blogging about my new years resolution to only buy from purposefully vegan companies, I assumed I would just try some new products, fall in love with them (because they would be better than anything tested on animals, obviously) and be on my merry little no-harm caused way. So far, I’ve had great luck with my new razor, feel pretty smug about using my organic cotton balls and swabs, and you know, floss is floss I guess (or is it…?) But there are a few areas where I’m really struggling to find a decent cruelty free counterpart to my old standby products – namely in the toothpaste and deodorant sector – because nothing leaves me feeling as fresh as I would like! 🙊 Since I haven’t really found anything I’m loving yet I thought I’d share a quick rundown of everything I’ve tried and see if you have any suggestions for me. Starting with my mouth, because deodorant is another story for another day…

Continue Reading


Givenchy black faux leather backpack

You guys know I’m not shopping for new clothes this year unless they are from purposefully vegan and/or eco-friendly companies, HOWEVER, that’s not stopping me from looking at everything! What can I say? As much as I love finding beautiful clothes and accessories that are ethically produced, I still get a thrill out of finding vegan fashion from top designers and mainstream brands. I don’t know for sure, but I feel like all of this faux leather is a fairly new phenomenon… I hope it means that designers are open to replacing more and more real leather with vegan friendly options… wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!

A few of my current faves:


lanvin faux leather midi skirt

Stella McCartney:

stella mccartney faux fur falabella bag

Miu Miu:

Miu Miu faux croc faux leather mini dress

Stella McCartney:

Stella McCartney fur free fur faux jacket

Miu Miu:

miu miu red faux patent leather coat


givenchy leopard faux leather purse

Miu Miu:

Miu Miu faux leather cape

Pretty cool, right? Would you splurge on any of it? I might if I had the cash, but really, I’m just hoping to see a lot more faux leather designer fashion coming our way in the near future! 😻