Hey there you savvy vegan fashionista you…

Have you scoped out these gorgeous vegan bags from Viva Creatures yet?

If not, allow me to introduce you to:

Valentina, Valkyrie, Victor, Viking, and Voodoo.

They are animal free, made in the US, and cay-ute as all get out.

(And personally I’m absolutely loVing the theme they’ve got going on…)

Click on the images to shop cruelty free bag heaven.

VALENTINA - Viva Creatures vegan tote bagVALKYRIE - Viva Creatures vegan crossbody bagVICTOR - Viva Creatures vegan clutchVIKING - Viva Creatures fold over clutchVOODOO - Viva Creatures clutch


It's Your Day Photo Print by Treatzone

love this photo print by Treatzone – click the image to shop!

HAPPY WEEKEND YOU GUYS! Hope you had a great week!

I’m happy to report that this week did not kick my butt. We made it to Saturday unscathed. I’m looking forward to another weekend of trying to balance chores with getting some rest and also doing my taxes and trying to work on my ideas for this blog and maybe I might be able to sneak in a little second hand/vintage shopping while giving my son all of the attention that he requires and rightfully deserves… and wait… I thought I was owning this week but now I’m exhausted just thinking about everything I need to do. Phew.

I could probably write an entirely separate blog about life as a single mom in Los Angeles, but obviously I don’t have time for that. Besides, I think that anyone reading a vegan fashion blog can probably relate with the desire to reduce stress and boost your health while living within your means and maintaining your sense of integrity and style. Am I right? Of course I am. Who doesn’t want all of those things?

I don’t have the answers to everything (yet) but I do know what’s made a big difference for me lately- and it’s nothing major – just a bunch of little things. Leaving enough time in the mornings to make sure I feel good about the way I look and get that green smoothie in for breakfast. Switching from snarky morning radio show DJs to NPR for my commute. Pausing to put lotion on my hands after I wash them (which is A LOT- I. REFUSE. TO. GET. SICK.) Stepping away from my desk to get a cup of tea or re-fill my water bottle when my work starts to feel overwhelming. Re-applying my lip gloss. Could it be that all of the little things I kept telling myself I didn’t have time for are actually the key to keeping me from feeling burned out? It’s going to take more than one four day week to be able to tell, but I think I’m definitely on to something.

Here’s a bunch of little things I’m thinking about this weekend:

My favorite t-shirt is now a dress. Genius.

My favorite body butter now comes in vanilla. (And also with a free lip butter right now…) MORE GENIUS.

Speaking of beauty products, I’m officially adding this to my wish list. Oh what the heck, I’ll just go ahead and add all of this too…

OH, AND(!!) Did I mention that Santa saw my list?! I can’t wait to try them… I’m just giving my hands/cuticles another week of TLC to make sure they look super cute. Is this the year I finally get on the beauty bandwagon?

But wait, before I get my nails did… I just had a moment of inspiration… I’m sitting here trying to write a blog post while playing goalie between my patio gate and a rambunctious toddler with a set of mega blocks when it hits me: PATIO MAKEOVER. Make the gate taller somehow… hang some potted herbs… increase my living space… it’s happening today. What was it I said I wanted to get done this weekend??

Want to know another genius idea I just had? (SO MUCH GENIUS TODAY!) I’ve been wanting to do some second hand/vintage shopping, but it’s soooooo difficult with a restless kid in a stroller. Yet for some reason he’ll sit in it for hours if we’re just walking around outside. Well, I don’t know why this only just occurred to me, but I live IN LOS ANGELES – DUH! Less than two miles away from my apartment off of Ventura Boulevard is a Goodwill store, a Buffalo Exchange, a vintage store, (or two?) and probably lots of other cool stuff that I need to check out. I can combine my cardio with shopping and maybe even keep my kid happy… if this works out it could be life changing. And so simple. It’s happening… tomorrow though… the Santa Anas are out of control today.

It’s the #littlethings you guys. And yes, I’m so into this idea I’m making it a hashtag.

Now let’s all get out there and make the most of the weekend… I’ve got a hardware store to hit up! (oy vey is that the most 31-year-old thing I’ve ever said or what??)

VEGAN FASHIONISTA BUCKET LIST 2015 EDITION – #1- The professional yet sexy black pumps you can wear with everything

Okay, I started this list of wardrobe essentials last year but then I kind of got distracted (hey, its my blog, I can get distracted if I want) so I’m just going to start fresh this year with a 2015 edition… (Side note- Wow. 2015… Does that sound futuristic or what?)

I think it’s appropriate to re-do my list now too considering my most important New Year’s resolution – that any new purchases will only be from purposely vegan and/0r eco-friendly companies. And with the start of the new year I’m feeling particularly inspired to start curating my perfect, forever, cruelty-free wardrobe… even if it’s only wishful thinking for now.

Let’s start with the perfect black high-heeled shoe.

Must be high-quality and appropriate enough for a job interview, yet fresh enough to wear out at night… that go-to shoe that always makes you feel polished and fashionable whether you’re pairing it with boyfriend jeans or an LBD. Maybe it’s a bit of a splurge… but no worries because these puppies ARE NEVER GOING OUT OF STYLE.

Here’s what we have available in 2015. It’s kind of a short list. I’m thinking vegan designers aren’t really into basics? Oh well, with options this good we don’t need to complicate our decision anyway…

Coquette Azar Pump:

At 4.75 inches this heel is not for beginners. (Or complainers.) This is for the true fashion/shoe girl who has been waiting OH SO PATIENTLY for something this sleek to come along from a cruelty free brand. (HELLLOOOOO NEW VEGAN BRAND – Coquette!) It comes in faux-leather, patent, and faux-reptile.

cult of coquette vegan azar pumpCult of coquette vegan black patent Azar pumpcult of coquette vegan reptile azar pump


BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE: The Muse Pump. It’s the same height as the Azar, but with a lower-cut vamp for extra toe cleavage. It’s offered in faux patent. Because it’s just flashy like that.

cult of coquette vegan muse patent pump


Beyond Skin Lexie Heel:

Now this is a good looking shoe. So much class for £89 (approximately $130 US dollars.) All I can think is “Manolo who?”



Stella McCartney Kapoor Sandals:

Okay, I kind of have a love/hate relationship with sling backs, but I have to include these because, dang. Talk about an investment piece. I love how the asymmetrical vamp gives it just the teensiest bit of edge.


Melissa Classic Heel Pumps:

Classiest jelly shoe ever? TA-DA!



Which one would you choose? Do you have a go-to shoe that you love? TELL ME! I love to hear from my fellow vegan fashionistas!


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Hi! Happy MLK day! I hope you had a glorious long weekend.

I’ve been on a bit of an extended holiday since getting back to LA after the new year because my Mom has been staying with us. (Vladik’s daycare was on vacation so she came to hang out with him while I went back to work.) It’s been really nice having extra help and not having to be on such a strict schedule 24/7, but tomorrow it’s back to reality. I’ve spent basically my entire 3 day weekend getting organized just so that this 4 day week doesn’t kick my butt. The new Christmas toys all have a home, the laundry is done/ironed, my closet is pristine, dinner for the next few nights is prepared, I’ve gotten back into my regular workout schedule, (it’s been a month since I’ve done anything… the jeans are tight!) and I’ve even been sticking to my New Year’s resolutions (giving myself a facial as we speak. BAM.) The only thing that’s missing is my blog. I hate it when I go so long without posting that when I get back to it I have a million things to say. Where to start, where to start…

I guess I should probably start with my hair. I know I said I wasn’t going to dye it anymore, but if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you might have already realized that I changed my mind… big time. 

purple hair, rainbow hair

Why? Well, it’s kind of a long story.

Actually, that’s not true. I don’t really know why. It’s just always been something that I wanted to do, but I never could because of ballet recitals and commercial auditions and job searching and generally being broke.

It just finally felt like the right time. Like, why not? I have a job that I intend to keep for a while, and one of the perks of working in fashion is that I can have as much fun with my look as I dare can afford. AND I was offered a nice raise this week, which, (although it’s still not really enough to raise a child on my own in Los Angeles,) made me feel like I’m finally doing something right and all of this hard work might actually pay off someday.

Dare I say it? That 2015 might actually turn out to be my year?? I don’t know, it’s still too early to tell, but we’re definitely off to a good start…

For one thing, I feel pretty… more like myself even, is that weird? When I stopped dying my hair last year, I realized that my natural hair is actually cool in tone (not warm, not red… nor auburn, nor chestnut, nor any of the colors that I’ve been dying it since I was 13,) so I had a hunch that finally embracing my natural coloring might work in my favor. And I think I was right. I was feeling pretty ho-hum blah towards the end of last year, but now every time I catch my reflection I’m like OH WOW, PURPLE! YAY!

It’s so fun. I’m inspired to experiment with makeup for the first time ever, my outfits are more colorful, (shopping my own closet, naturally,) and as it turns out, because my natural hair was so fine, the damage from bleaching actually made it more manageable. I can go three days without a shampoo, it holds curl for the first time ever, and I think I might finally be able to hang with braids and up-dos… not to mention the fact that when your hair is this bright even an un-washed ponytail is a serious  fashion s t a t e m e n t.

Side note: do not attempt cotton-candy colored hair if you don’t want to be noticed. I did not consider this AT ALL before hitting the salon. I was just like, “hey… I like pretty colors… purple is pretty… if my hair was purple it sure would be pretty…” And I guess I thought that it was getting to be kind of a mainstream, (if not basic) thing to do. But I was wrong. I stand out in the crowd. It’s slightly uncomfortable, but not necessarily in a bad way. I get a lot of compliments from strangers. But it’s OK –  I mean, I get it… I do look pretty darn cool.

What do you think? Would you/do you rock a bright hair color? In 7th grade I wanted pink hair soooooo badly, but I chose purple because I wanted to change it up with a cooler shade. What color would you pick for yourself?! I’ve got to pick a manic panic color to use for maintenance until I go back to see my stylist… any suggestions?


vegan outfit featuring a carleen sweatshirt, house of holland jeans, a dirty librarian necklace, an angela and roi tote and nicora johns shoes


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Here’s a good old fashioned outfit post to start it off…

1. Vintage Utopia Sweatshirt – Carleen for Ethica (they also have a custom word option… how fun is that?!)

2. Distressed Lace-Appliqued High-Rise Boyfriend Jeans – House of Holland

3. Bernadette Sunglasses – Kate Spade New York

4. Chains Necklace – Dirty Librarian

5. Moa Tote – Angela & Roi

6. Solid Gold Sallys – Nicora Johns

Have I ever mentioned how much I love new years? I mean, the holiday season is alright I guess, but my favorite part is when we get to flip that switch on January 1st and head back to the land of Pilates and kale. Yes, I know I’m a weirdo freak who loves vegetables. I also like Mondays… so sue me.

I guess I’m just addicted to fresh starts. 2014 was kind of a… t r a n s i t i o n  year for me, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was glad to see it go. In 2015 I intend to leave the past where it belongs. Onward and upward.

I typically don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I’m always making little resolutions to be better throughout the year. (And as I type that I’m wondering if it could have anything to do with a fear of commitment, OR, would it fall under the fear-of-failure category? OR… ARE THOSE THE SAME THINGS??) Anyway, this year it feels appropriate to consider making some real changes and to actually stick to them for an entire year.

Do you want to hear my resolutions? It’s a short list. They’re a little bit silly and a little bit important, and they’re all a little bit selfish, because I think that this is the week to focus on myself and be selfish so I can get on with doing all of the other stuff I want to do. So  here goes – and you can bet I’ll be blogging about my progress throughout the year!

1. Be better groomed. I’ll be honest – 2014 was not my best looking year. I think I just had too much on my mind to worry about my face or my hair. In a lot of ways this was a good thing – I’m more comfortable in my skin (and with my gray hairs) than ever, and it felt pretty good to have a break from caring about what I looked like. On the other hand – when I actually did look at myself I wasn’t all that crazy about what I saw. It’s not that I looked bad, just kind of boring… actually, as I’m finally starting to feel like myself again after the craziness of the past two years, the person I’m seeing in the mirror is a tad bit unrecognizable. In 2015 I resolve to allow my appearance to reflect my spirit. I’m not saying I’m going to start wearing more make up or anything crazy, cause I certainly ain’t got time for that, but, I’d like to try to take better care of my skin, maybe use a blow dryer a couple of times per week, lotion my hands so I’m not snagging my sweaters with my old-lady claws, and maybe I will end up trying some lipstick here and there… we’ll see how it goes…

2. Take actions to boost my immune system every day instead of waiting until I feel a cold coming on. Less sugar, more green smoothies, hot water with lemon, supplements, etc., etc. As much as I love my veggies I tend to slack on these basic things until it’s too late and I’m scrambling to cure myself of something we’ve brought home from daycare. NO MORE. In 2015 I resolve to take care of myself every single day, no excuses!

3. Not buy any new clothing or personal care items unless they are from a purposefully vegan and eco company. This one is a little crazy, but I really want to do it. In 2015 I resolve to only buy vintage, second hand, and vegan/eco-friendly. No more Target, no more H&M, Topshop, or Zara, and no more “trendy.” (My one exception will be if I choose to buy something from the company where I am employed. Because I know where those dresses are made and I work damn hard to make sure they’re made on time…) Otherwise, If I want something I’m going to really have to think about it. It’ll be good for the planet, my pocketbook, and my wardrobe.

4. Start a business. And/or start treating this blog like a business. I have so many ideas that I never actually get around to making happen because I don’t have the time, or the money, and then I waste a whole bunch of time feeling sorry for myself because I don’t have any time or money when I probably could be rolling in cash already. In 2015 I resolve to just start. I think I’m going to start with vintage accessories in my Etsy store and see where it takes me. Stay tuned…


Christmas Vacation

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah & Happy New Year! I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday celebration.

I’m home for the holidays this year. It’s the first Christmas I’ve spent in Oklahoma since moving to Los Angeles 3-and-a-half years ago – and I’m staying through New Years, which also makes this the longest stretch of time that I’ve been away from my adopted city.  Such are the perks of having a good old fashioned job in an office that closes down during the holidays and forces you to take paid time off. (Side note – it’s FREEZING here and Vladik had his first snow experience which was fun for about 30 minutes. No idea how people live like this for months out of the year…)

Christmas Vacation

I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging this week, but it turns out my parents were between internet providers and I also caught a nasty little cold. I guess traveling alone with a 2 year old plus too much sugar and wine plus not enough green veggies plus a drastic change in climate is not so great for my immune system. Regardless, we’ve had a nice relaxing week that has flown by all too quickly. I’ve been catching up on my movies, cuddling with my dog, getting spoiled by Santa, and binging on social media and chocolate, which you probably already know if you’re following me on InstagramPinterest, or Tumblr.

Christmas Vacation

I can not believe that tomorrow is the last day of 2014. I’m not so much into looking back, but I looove planning for the future, and I think 2015 is going to be fantastic. I’ll post more on that later… for now, I’ll just wish you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, and I’ll see ya next year for more cruelty free fashion goodness!


- Stefanie






Is it just me or is this whole vegan fashion thing starting to catch on?

Lately it seems like I’m discovering a new vegan handbag line every other week and I couldn’t be happier.

I came across these gorgeous bags while browsing Ethica, and of course I had to share. All made out of eco-friendly, sustainable, non-leather materials. Yes, yes, and yes.

Elezar Vegan Bags Emma Satchel Elezar Vegan Bags Celeste Wrap Clutch Elezar Vegan Bags Floral Campbell Clutch Elezar Vegan Bags Darnay Hobo Elezar Vegan Bags Marlowe Tote    Elezar Vegan Bags Celia Flap Clutch

And this is just a handful of my favorites…

View more (and shop of course) at Shop Ethica and Elezar.


vegan boot by arden wohl x CDCvegan boot by Arden Wohl x CDC

Vegan over the knee boots by cir de coeur vegan tall boots by cri de coeur

So it’s finally winter in Los Angeles. Meaning it’s going to be below 70 degrees for the next 10 days at least. Meaning I’m going to be dressing like a bum at work because I have no appropriate winter clothing. I so wish I could splurge on a pair of tall boots to elevate my skinny jean + old sweater combos. Cri De Coeur has the BEST selection right now. I don’t even know which one I would choose – they’re all so good!

click the images to shop


vegan fashion link party on evolstyle.meAww, my little bloggy’s birthday came and went a few weeks ago and I forgot to celebrate! 

This has been the craziest, fastest, most transformative year of my entire life, and I’m really glad that I’ve gotten to share it with you guys.

The world of vegan fashion and beauty has also expanded like crazy over the past year. It seems like every week there are new brands, blogs, and stores popping up all over. I’m constantly finding myself amazed and inspired by all of the talented kick-but trailblazers out there who are committed to making our world a more beautiful and kind place to live.

So in celebration of my blog-iversary and in the hopes of forging a powerhouse of a community, I’d like to invite you to a little party in my comments section.

Stop by and introduce yourself and your blog and leave a comment about your favorite vegan/eco product/brand/website/magazine. Explore, get inspired, make new friends, share this post and tag everyone you know – let’s keep the party going!

I can’t wait to meet you and add your vegan/cruelty-free/eco-fashion amazingness to my blogroll!

vegan outfit on evolstyle blog

my first ever outfit collage… still obsessing over that bag.

More favorites…

punkbasic bluespring dreamVegan outfit featuring a Band of Outsiders Maxi Skirt, Zara Cropped Sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Sandals, and a vegan leather Falabella handbag by Stella McCartneyVegan outfit featuring an H&M tank top, a Topshop Skirt, Shoe Cult Heels, and a Vegan Leather handbag by Freedom of AnimalsVegan outfit featuring a Zara top, Topshop jeans and jacket, Shoe Cult shoes, and a vegan leather handbag by Jill MilanVegan outfit featuring a Matthew Williamson sweater, a Zara skirt, Vans sneakers, marc by marc jacobs accessories, and a vegan leather handbag by Angela & RoiVegan outfit featuring Zara overalls and sweater, H&M coat, Melissa shoes, and a vegan leather handbag by Matt & Nat





Ultimate vegan holiday wish list evolstyle

Okay, I know this looks like a lot. Just to be clear, I’m not asking for anything IRL this year. But what kind of fashion blogger would I be if I didn’t post a holiday gift guide? These are all products that I absolutely adore and would love to have for myself, and I’m pretty certain that they would be appreciated by any vegan on your list as well. My favorite thing about this list is that when you purchase these products you’re supporting small business that do a lot of good for animals, people, and the environment. What a lovely way to spread the joy this holiday season! So here goes: grab yourself a warm beverage (I’ll wait), scroll through, and click the links to shop. Your holiday shopping is about to become super easy-peasy.  

1. Subscription to Laika Magazine – I used to be a magazine freak. I subscribed to everything. There were stacks and stacks of magazines around my apartment and I saved every single issue of Vogue. When I moved to Los Angeles I chose not to carry 10 years worth of September issues with me, and also, I was considering going vegan and therefore just not feeling that into mainstream fashion anymore. Now I’m thrilled to see that there are magazines popping up out there to provide conscious, cruelty-free fashion and lifestyle inspiration for the cool kids. No doubt any vegan lady on your list would love to be gifted with this beautiful periodical either in print or digital. Side note- magazine subscriptions make great gifts because they last an entire year!

2. Djuna Shay Luxe Blanket Scarf – Who doesn’t love a big, cozy, oversized scarf? In Los Angeles you can wear them without a jacket to stay nice and toasty all winter long. In other parts of the world, they are simply a necessity. Finding luxurious cruelty-free winter accessories can sometimes be a bit of a challenge, but no worries here as these beauties are made from 100% organic cotton sherpa. With 8 different prints to choose from you can create a unique gift for everyone on your list – I’ll take the gray cheetah please!

3. Bruce Heart 3 Boy Tee Pack – I bought a Bruce Heart muscle tee at the Peta shopping event back in September and I’ve basically been living in it ever since. Now I want them all! These made in LA oversized tees are super cute, comfy, and flattering on everyone. Also, every month the ladies behind this brand donate 5% of their sales to a different animal charity, and I just think that’s super cool. If you really want to make your animal loving fashionista’s holiday, there’s an “I Want it All Holiday Pack” which includes 3 tees, a logo sweatshirt, and the leopard print logo tee (yes, please!) - this purchase also benefits The Orangutan Project and The Broken Hearts Ministry. Merry Christmas indeed.

4. Everything Ellovi – This all-natural body butter is the bees knees, and I’ve been dying to try their lip butters. Vegan cuts has combined everything in an affordable 3 pack… I may just have to treat myself this winter!

5. Bing Bang Triangle Midi Ring – I just think this would look really cool on my ring finger…

6. Savvy Boheme Tall Americano Bath and Body oil – This stuff smells exactly like coffee and pastries. You will literally be giving someone the gift of good mornings with this moisturizing cruelty-free scrumptiousness- what could be better?

7. Vaute Perfect Winter Leggings – Vaute Couture may be known for their gorgeous vegan coats, but I don’t really need a coat. What I need is a perfect, comfy, wear-with-anything-and-everything legging. Unfortunately they’re sold out in my size, but next time they’re produced I would love to get a pair- I so wish I had some to take home with me for the holidays this year!

8. NCLA Nail Wraps – I have not had polish on my finger or toe nails since before my two year old son was born. Would I like to have cute nails? Sure. Do I want to spend my precious free time hunched over my hands and feet painstakingly perfecting my brushstrokes only to have them messed up the second my kiddo wakes up from his nap? Nope – not worth it at all. I haven’t tired them yet, but I’d like to think that a nail wrap situation would be way easier than painting and waiting for polish to dry. If only Santa would leave some in my stocking!

9. Marais Simple Ballet – The perfect black ballet flat is on my vegan fashion bucket list, and I think I might have finally found it in this lovely Marais USA slipper. Also, it’s on sale right now. Check that one off the list!

10. Wren Kitty Stardust Tee – Two words: KITTY STARDUST. I mean, are you freaking kidding me? Cutest. Thing. Ever. This made in LA tee was designed by artist/model Langley Fox and the proceeds go towards NKLA – No Kill Los Angeles Animal Shelters. Enough said.

11. Large Black Crocodile Leni Penn Tote – You guys know there are a ton of beautiful vegan handbags that I love and blog about on a daily basis, but if I had to pick just one for myself I’m pretty sure this would be it. I mean, I want them all, but what I really need is a sturdy-yet-luxurious-everyday-goes-with-everything-oversized-carry-your-life-around-with-you kind of bag, so this one is like – BINGO! Also, for every bag that they sell, Leni Penn donates a backpack to a child in need or a bag to a working mother in need. So nice. Don’t you just love how nice all of these brands are?

12. Nouveau Organica Quartet Customizable 4-Color Palette – I got a sample of their cream color in my Vegan Cuts beauty box back in September, and I absolutely love it but I’m almost out! I want all 4 of their cream color shades – they’re just the perfect thing for adding a little natural looking color and shimmer on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. I smudge it on with my fingertips or a sponge and it stays all day – super quick and easy!

13. Neuaura Dakota Boot – Part house slipper, part snow boot, they’re basically Uggs that aren’t made out of poor little sheep. So they’re like 1,000 times better. Sure, you can get a knock-off anywhere, but why not invest in something sturdy and sustainably made so you can wear your ugly boots with pride? (Actually, I don’t think these are ugly at all, they’re super cute and I totally want a pair!)

There. I hope you’ve got some ideas about what to get everyone on your list. If you’re still stumped, drop me a line and I can totally help. 

Happy shopping everyone!

- Stefanie