gucci spring 2016 rtw

Hey, it’s Friday again, yay! I feel like celebrating today… I had a busy, productive, successful 1st week in business with my new website, (!) it’s HALLOWEEN WEEKEND, (!!) AND my bf is visiting (!!!) I hope you have some fabulous, spooky plans… have an amazing weekend everyone!

Here’s a few things that caught my eye over the week:

This. Because my favorite thing to say when some random dude tells me I’m beautiful (as if I’ve never heard it before… seriously dude?) is I KNOW. HAHAHA.

Regardless of your political beliefs (I pretty much have zero… horrible, I know!) or your feelings about Hillary, I think we can all agree that THE MANSPLAINING NEEDS TO END.

It’s a great week to be a smug veganJust saying… 

SERIOUSLY!!! Watch until the very end… Julia Louis Dreyfus had me in tears.


Also… did you know I now have a second blog? FOLLOW IT PLEASE??! 😉
– XO- Stefanie

*photo above is Gucci Spring 2016 RTW


vegan outfit featuring see by chloe leopard dress, mel by melissa flats, stella mccartney vegan heart bag, and faux fur coat by golden goose deluxe brand

1. Dress – See by Chloe | 2. Faux Fur – Golden Goose Deluxe Brand | 3. Shoes – Mel by Melissa | 4. Bag – Stella McCartney | 5. Barette set – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Lately, while working on launching my new venture, I’ve been doing that thing where you stay in your pajamas all day and shower around dinner time just to put on fresh pjs. (That’s a thing, right?!) I kind of completely forgot about clothes, and the fact that I have nothing to wear now that it finally feels like fall here in Oklahoma… oops! I need to do some major shopping, and I SO wish I could splurge on this fantastic go-with-everything-faux-fur-coat, but maybe I can find something similar at the thrift store??! Wish me luck!

Side note – this would make a fantastic Margot Tenenbaum Halloween costume, no?!




OMG… I have big news!

The reason why I didn’t blog at all during the month of October?!

I started a new business!

You know how my New Year’s resolution was to only buy purposefully vegan (or secondhand)  clothing and personal care items? Well, mostly it’s been easy, (oh the secondhand clothing scores… turns out Oklahoma City is thrift store heaven!) but some things have been a struggle. Like the deodorant. I seriously could not find one that worked you guys. So one night earlier this summer in a moment of desperation I mixed up a little something in my kitchen. It was very… rustic… like, okay, I’ve got some coconut oil… I could thicken it up with some tapioca starch… tea tree oil would probably be good in there too… but much to my surprise, it worked! Like, WAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than anything else I had tried!


Before I knew it, I had an entire product line, fragrances, and even a tentative brand name all mapped out in my head. I just needed time (and money) to experiment and work out all of the details… hence my move to Oklahoma City! From that point on, the rest of the summer flew by… researching and sourcing materials, experimenting with recipes, testing products on my friends and family, designing logos and labels, and yes, stopping to sniff my armpits every five minutes and marveling at the fact that MY DEODORANT IS STILL WORKING! YESSSSSS!!!!!

Oh, and did I mention that my other New Year’s resolution was to start my own business?


C H E C K  ✔

Anyway, I really hope you’ll check out my new website, favorite me on Etsy, and you know, try my all-natural, cruelty-free and vegan deodorant and perfumes, because they really work and I’m quite proud of them. French Girl is my personal favorite… and I think I’m going to mix up some Amber Spice perfume for myself today! (Side note… why hasn’t anyone thought to match their deodorant to their perfumes before?! Can we make that a thing?!)

It’s a little scary making this announcement… (like now it’s really, really, real) because I know it’s not perfect, (still on the fence about my labels and packaging, I could probably use a DSLR, need to get my products certified vegan…) but I’m doing the best I can with what I have to work with, and it’s time to put it out there, you know?! And now that my website is live the real work can begin… marketing! Yay entrepreneurship! The good news is that I’ll be at my desk 24/7 for a while and can get back to blogging again too… FINALLY!

So while you’re checking out my new site will you also follow Twinkle Apothecary on social media and follow along as it grows?! (I’ve got LOTS more ideas up my sleeve!)

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– XO – Stefanie


kenzo symbol dress, freedom of animals vegan bag, sydney brown vegan shoes, shrimps faux fur scarf, deborah lippmann nail polish

When you stand outside and stare at the super-harvest-blood moon eclipse for so long that  nothing really seems to makes sense anymore… I mean, is it just me or does everything feel a little topsy-turvy right now?! I have a feeling it’s going to be an interesting week!

Shop my vegan friendly fashion picks here:

1. Embroidered crepe dress – Kenzo | 2. Bromo Circle Bag – Freedom of Animals |  3. Evil Eye Earrings – Tai | 4. Nail Polish – Deborah Lippmann | 5. Garnet Ring – Melissa Joy Manning | 6. Opal Eye Ring – Gem Blue | 7. Embroidered Dress – MSGM | 8. Martha Faux Fur Scarf – Shrimps | 9. Moccasins – Sydney Brown (more here) |


vegan stella mccartney bag, stella mccartney velvet ankle booties, shrimps faux fur coat, lauren B nail polish, pacifica vegan eyeliner, madewell dress, topshop velvet overalls


Currently craving everything black and blue gray, from sleek velvet, to airy ruffles, to relaxed chambray.

*Cringe* Did I just make a really dorky rhyme?! SORRY! 😉

Shop my cruelty free picks here:

1. Faux Fur Coat – Shrimps | 2. Velvet Overalls – Topshop Unique | 3. Ruffle Top – Isabel Marant | 4. Eye Liner Gel – Pacifica | 5. Quilted Beckett Bag – Stella McCartney | 6. House of Blues Nail Polish – Lauren B. Beauty | 7. Denim Wrap Dress – Madewell | 8. Velvet Ankle Boots – Stella McCartney |

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Hei Hei vegan suede bomber - anthropologie

Hei Hei Vegan Suede Bomber | Anthropologie

It’s that time of year again… Labor Day has come and gone, the kids are back in school, and summer is (un)officially over. Regarding your wardrobe, it’s now that weird in-between time where it’s way too hot out to even think about wearing winter clothes, but you know if you don’t snap up that adorable vegan leather moto jacket or those faux suede booties you’re currently crushing on, they will most likely no longer be available when you actually need them! I’ve spotted a few new vegan leather (and vegan suede!) items that I suggest you consider purchasing before they disappear… I have a feeling they’re going to go fast!

1. Junkie Slip | James Payne – It’s navy AND black, vegan leather AND suede… and do I even need to say anything else? It’s vegan moto jacket heaven.

James Payne Vegan Leather and Suede Moto Jacket - Junkie Slip

2. Rambler Ultra Suede Button Up Dress | Nasty Gal – This dress is so on point it kind of hurts…

Rambler Vegan Ultra Suded Button Up Dress - Nasty Gal

3. Blank NYÇ Vegan Leather Pull On Leggings | Free People – If I don’t get a pair of these I honestly don’t know how I’m going make it through this winter. JK – I’ll probably just wear jeans and be really sad about it 😉

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Pull On Leggings - Free People

4. Selma Vegan Leather Headband | Nasty Gal – Because it’s equal parts ballerina and badass, and that’s just how I roll.

Selma Vegan Leather Headband - Nasty Gal

5. Vegan Suede Sherpa Collar Moto Jacket | Free People – So cozy… yet so tough… is this how I’m going to survive my first non-Los Angeles winter in a while?!

egan suede sherpa collar moto jacket - Free People

6.  Colette Vegan Suede Midi Skirt | Nasty Gal – Well hello, skirt that I can pair with anything in my closet from now until next summer!

Colette Vegan Suede Midi Skirt - Nasty Gal

7. Blank NYC Vegan Leather Fringe Moto Jacket | Urban Outfitters – This is one of those buy it now, look cool for the rest of your life type purchases…

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Fringe Jacket - Urban Outfitters

8. Bleecker Pleated Vegan Leather Midi Skirt | Nasty Gal – Because we all need a pleated midi skirt in our lives right now, right? Wear it with a t-shirt now and an oversized sweater later!

Bleecker Pleated Vegan Leather Midi Skirt - Nasty Gal


edie parker jean go clutch

                                                  Jean “Go” Clutch by Edie Parker – click the image to shop!

Whelp… here I am… in Oklahoma. I quit my job, moved in with my parents, and finally have all of the time in the world to do everything I want to do. So… where do I start?! I wish that I could be one of those clever professional bloggers with all of the answers. Then this would be a “How To” post. How to Start A New Career in Your Thirties. How to Reset Your Life in (so many) Days. How I Moved Home to Follow My Dreams. How to Start A Business With Zero Dollars in the Bank. Those all sound like interesting posts, no? Too bad I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING.

Ok, that’s not exactly true. I have a vague outline… a lot of ideas… possibly too many! I thought that I would be able to just plop down at my desk and get to work, but actually, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and I have no idea where to begin. Should I look for a part time job? Dive right in to my business ideas? Blog 24/7? (Obviously I haven’t been doing that!) I’m not even unpacked yet, and I won’t be, really, until October when my little bother moves out into his own place. Also, did I mention that the internet connection at my parent’s house is slow AF and sometimes even nonexistent? And as I’m writing out all of these excuses, I’m realizing – what’s the rush?! The beauty of my situation is that I can now do whatever I want, whenever I want! I’m going to take full advantage by allowing myself the freedom to take my time dreaming, exploring, planning things out… basically the opposite of how I’ve been living over the past few years.

I want to have a life too. Practice yoga again, have the best long distance relationship ever, make stuff, be creative for no reason other than my own enjoyment, play with my son, cuddle with my pets, read books, watch movies, try new things… and I guess one of the new things I’d like to try is a new outlook on life, where I remove that ridiculous internal pressure to do everything, all at once. B R E A T H E remember, one day at a time it’s like I’m putting myself in millennial career rehab. Care to join me in the slow lane for a bit? It sounds tough, I know, but I think it will be so fun and relaxing, and I can’t think of a better way to ease out of summer! Maybe we can even teach those know-it-all people on the internet a thing or two along the way. 😉

Talk soon! (or not!),



vegan handbags, vegan shoes, and vegan clothing on evolstyle blog

These berry-wine colors have really been growing on me lately… and it’s no wonder! Those new vegan bags from Freedom of Animals and Matt & Nat! Those Stella McCartney faux suede boots! They’ve got me feeling like maybe I could actually be OK with the end of summer this year… which is a good thing, considering it’s almost Labor Day… can you believe it?! Have an amazing week, everyone. Click the links below to shop! 

1. Traveller Sunglasses – TOMS / 2. Mother Cotton Sneakers – Eytys / 3. Red Dahlia Matte Liquid Lipstick – Aromi / 4. Dress – Red Valentino / 5. Virkin Bag – Freedom of Animals / 6. Keely Bag in Blaze – Matt & Nat / 7. Dress – Miu Miu / 8. Ceren Ring – Tiklari / 9. Lava Coconut Kiss Lip Butter – Pacifica / 10. Faux Suede Boots – Stella McCartney /