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It’s officially spring and all I want to do is shop (what is that about? every year!) I’ve been very good all year (3 whole months) with my resolution to only buy second hand or from purposely vegan and eco/ethical fashion companies. Actually, up until last week I hadn’t bought anything!

Then I decided it was time to treat myself.

First came my new Angela and Roi Sunday tote (SO totally in love!)

Then a Bruce Heart floral tee (I finally got one!)

And I found some really great things at my local Buffalo Exchange this weekend.

Now I wish I could say that I’ve gotten it all out of my system, but there’s something about shopping that just makes me want to shop more… once it hits your lips its so good

But, no. I really have to stop. Back to window shopping for me. Care to join?

Just click on the images above to shop my favorite eco and vegan brands and retailers!

I also filled up my window shopping page with fresh picks… hey, just because I’m not shopping right now doesn’t mean you can’t! Purchasing a high quality item that you love and will wear for years is never a bad thing. For instance, I’m still wearing (and loving) clothes that I bought when I worked at Neiman Marcus back in college… a very long time ago… anyway

Enough said. You have my blessing, folks. Go forth and shop!


I wanted to take a quick moment to help spread the word about a fundraiser for our friends at Nicora Johns. They are looking to raise $220k to update their factory so that they can open their doors to more designers and produce even more vegan shoes in the USA.

Did you know that US shoe manufacturing facilities are nearly extinct? This means that emerging shoe designers are forced to outsource – not the most sustainable option. Even a small donation can make a major impact on our environment, our economy, and our cruelty-free wardrobes.

Please visit the link to learn more about the project and join me in donating $5 – skip your latte today and your feet will be thanking you very soon… so worth it!

Nicora Johns Factory Fundraiser


Stefanie and Vladik

when I let him push the button…

Well, well, well. We meet again, Sunday night. You certainly are a sneaky litter bugger. Once again, you find me ill-prepared, un-rested, and running behind schedule. Lately I’ve been working so hard that I would probably need a full week of Sundays before I could feel like myself again. But that ends tonight. Because, you see, I had a little revelation over the weekend. After being woken up toddler-ninja style at 6 AM on Saturday morning and checking my phone to find yet another email from my ex-husband about how sorry he is (indeed) and how much he wishes he could just find some way to make things up to me, (apparently he has never heard of child support?) I decided to go for an early walk around the neighborhood to beat the heat. And while I was out relishing the scent of Spring blossoms trailing heavily in that delicious early-taste-of-Summer air, I vowed to let my mind wander. Because when you live alone with a two-year-old you don’t get to meditate, or write morning pages, or cast spells, or feed your chakras, or do any of the weird things that normal creative types with social anxiety typically do to unwind and get centered. You get to take the stroller on one long walk per week. And you’re happy with what you get, because it’s one and a half hours of your day that does not involve Disney’s Cars, or Despicable Me for the 50 millionth time. So I went on my happy little way and tried to clear my mind. It worked on the way up the hill. On the way down, as I began to realize how tired I was feeling, I checked the time on my phone and started to think about all of the things I wanted to do over the weekend- what I needed to pick up from Whole Foods on my way back to my apartment, what I wanted to make for dinner this week, when would be the best time hijack my apartment’s laundry room, etc., and all of a sudden, in my mind, the weekend was over practically over and I didn’t even get to do any of the things I really wanted to do. Um… UH-OH. Why am I too busy and tired to do what I really want to do? When did my life become something I just need to get through to earn an hour and a half of “freedom” on the weekends? Why am I letting a job that doesn’t even pay all of my bills own me?



Now, this isn’t about how much my job stinks, or how I wish I’d made different choices. My job is whatever, it’s fine. And I take full responsibility for the choices I’ve made. (Dare I say that I’m even proud of a few?) This is about standing up for and being honest with myself. Because I have a tendency to put all of myself into everything I do (including personal relationships) without receiving much in return – and it’s time to focus on what’s in it for me for once in my life.

I have been working SO HARD. SO, SO, HARD at my day job. To the point where I have nothing left at the end of the day for what’s really important. Why? There is no clear career path for me at this company. No promise of more money. It would be different if I were remotely close to getting out of debt or buying a house – then I could say “In 5 (10) more years, I’ll get promoted, pay off the car, put a down payment on a condo, it’ll all be worth it.” But it’s not that type of a situation. It’s just a job. A job that may or may not lead me to financial stability. I really don’t know. Don’t get me wrong – I’m grateful to have the job. It’s interesting to me, I get to dress however I want, have a set schedule, paid time off and health insurance… all positive things. But let’s be honest – I’m still struggling to survive in a tiny apartment and it’s time to cut myself some slack Monday through Friday.

I am incredibly creative, smart, and hardworking. There is no reason I should be living paycheck to paycheck- single mom status or not. From this day forward I am simply not going to let anything stand in my way. I’m going to put my focus and effort into the parts of my life that make me feel happy/important/appreciated and trust that I will find a way to thrive in this crazy world. Taking care of my son, this blog, helping animals, making the world a better place, writing, turning my ideas into tangible things, art… these are the things should be in the foreground of my life. I’m returning them to their rightful place. My job can hang in the back for now.



They prevent frostbite, keep your tennis shoes dry, and can turn ho-hum outfits into glorious works of man-repelling art. Yup. I’m talking about socks. Socks are a necessity of life – but do you ever really think about where yours came from or what they are made of? Okay, if you’re reading this blog you probably have. But I hadn’t, not until very recently at least, when Bergies reached out to me and explained that they were a 100% vegan company and asked if I would be interested in writing a review. My first thought was, “Um, okay… how can I review socks… I rarely even wear them?!” Then I thought about it some more and realized why I rarely wear them.

Because it’s hard to find good socks.

If you’re committed to living a conscious and cruelty-free lifestyle then you are probably over running into Target and picking up a package of athletic crews. Wintertime in a department store = wool. And what about those super-cute fashion-y socks that can dress up an outfit while keeping your feet warm/hiding the fact that you are far too busy for a pedicure? If you’re like me and avoid fast-fashion retailers, then you’ve probably been feeling a little left out of the sock moment that is most definitely happening on the street style scene right now…

Enter Bergies. One look at their website and socks suddenly became the accessories I never knew I always needed in my life. (There’s an entire page of cat socks, you guys.) Heck yes I can write a review.

So the nice folks at Bergies sent me an adorably wrapped package of 3 socks:

Bergies Super Socks Vegan

Flirty Knee-Hi’s, Navy Leafs, and Purple Avocados from Bergies

These socks are so fun, so cozy, and I love knowing that they came from a vegan company. Also, can I just tell you that it is impossible to have a bad day when you’ve got avocados on your feet? So delightful. (It’s the #littlethings people…) The leaf socks will be paired with sandals and oxfords next fall, and I’m planning on wearing the cute ruffled knee-hi’s very soon with heels so stay tuned for pictures!

If you are also suddenly finding yourself obsessing over the accessory you never knew you always needed in your life, do yourself a favor and go browse the Bergies website right now. You won’t be disappointed. A few of my favorites:

Kawaii Not Knee High Socks Gangsta Crew Socks

Cameo Cat SocksPanda Over the Knee Socks

But it’s not all about fun novelty prints – they have the basics covered too. Plus other fun stuff like the above pictured sock monkeys and toys and books for kids… Who knew that shopping for socks could be so enjoyable? The folks at Bergies, that’s who! Check ‘em out!


Hi there! I’ve got lots of fun posts in the works but none of them are ready yet so I just wanted to say a quick hello – thanks for checking in!

Hope you had a good weekend. Me? I spent most of it dealing with car repair. So much for buying that bag with my tax refund… sad times.

If you’re weekend was as fun as mine, maybe this will make you smile. I know you’ve probably already seen it because everyone and their dog re-posted it on Facebook a few months ago, but it still gets me every single time:

I mean, these are fully grown adults. HOW ARE THEY SO PEPPY? Maybe I just need more aerobic activity in my life?!


If you came here for fresh cruelty free fashion inspiration and are bummed to find nothing but a weird 80s video – no worries – just hop on over to Vilda Magazine to check out this fun article about what to wear to fashion week – featuring a couple of outfits from yours truly.

Have an awesome Tuesday you guys! 


This weekend went by so lightning fast that I can’t even believe it – and I didn’t even do anything! I am SO not ready for another week. Can we just pause for a moment before jumping into this Monday? Let’s all stop to meditate on the beauty that is Cri de Coeur right now. Sigh. Now I’m trying not to think about how much more fun would it be to get ready for work with a closet full of these amazing vegan shoes…

Arden Wohl x CDC Bloom Cap Toe Bootie  Arden Wohl x CDC Carrington Loafer - Floral

Arden Wohl x CDC Eastlake T-strap Stilettos Arden Wohl x CDC Gabriel Strappy Platform

Arden Wohl x CDC Patmore D'orsay Stiletto Arden Wohl x CDC Rossetti Platform

Arden Wohl x CDC Vienna SandalCecily Velvet Buckle Bootie - Cri de Coeur

Simone Elastic Platform Bootie - Cri de Coeur Ninette Pull on Bootie - Cri de Coeur

click the images to shop!


Marc Jacobs Fall 2015

Okay. You’re reading a vegan fashion blog. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to preach to you about the evils of the fashion industry, or how despicable it is that designers still use fur in their Fall collections. You already know all about how fashion is the 3rd most polluting industry after oil and agriculture, and that Goodwill and The Salvation Army actually have more used clothing than they know what to do with. And knowing all of this probably makes you feel kind of sad, like, what is the point? Or is it just me?

So… what is the point? Why even think about fashion at all? Shouldn’t we just reject the entire mainstream fashion scene entirely and only support vegan and ecologically sustainable brands? OR only wear recycled clothing in an effort to keep it out of our landfills? And what about fashion week? Should we pretend like it doesn’t exist? Protest outside of the shows? Or is it okay to enjoy it as a spectator as long as you’re not a participant in all of the craziness? I don’t have the answers. I don’t think there is one right or wrong answer to any of these questions – not currently, at least. I do, however, think they are important questions to keep asking yourself if you enjoy fashion – along with being a habitant of planet Earth.

For me, for now, I’m going to enjoy it as a spectator knowing that I will not participate in all of the craziness. Kind of. That is – I will enjoy it as much as I can. Now that I work in fashion production it’s hard to look at a beautiful ball gown without thinking about  fabric wastage – not to mention the sheer volume of people and resources that it took to make one single dress for one single presentation.


And everything you do is unethical anyway…

So can’t we just make and enjoy beautiful things sometimes, just for the heck of it?

Even though I know I would never wear most of the clothing in real life, I love the drama of the fashion show. The idea that a group of people get together and come up with a character and a story for “their customer” for Fall, and they tell this woman’s story through wardrobe pieces, hair, make-up, music… sometimes it’s very abstract, and sometimes it’s absurdly specific. It appeals to the actor and the marketing nerd in me, and also the woman who just likes pretty things.

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking pretty things. When I look at fashion shows I feel inspired to approach my daily life more creatively. For me, it’s more about finding new approaches than buying new things. After all, getting dressed is something we deal with EVERY SINGLE DAY. I don’t know about you, but I’ll take all of the inspiration I can get.

So there you go. I’m just going to be over on pinning up a storm for the next three weeks. Follow me on Pinterest if you want to see what’s catching my eye this time around. I’d love to hear your thoughts on fashion week too – yay or nay?

And stay tuned to this blog for more vegan and eco fashion inspiration… I took a little break from posting this week because I’ve been working on some fun outfits for Vilda Magazine (coming soon – be sure to check it out!) but don’t worry… I’m not deserting you guys for London, Milan, and Paris!

Have a great weekend – TGIF -

photo – Marc Jacobs Fall 2015 – by Gianni Pucci /


There are SO MANY fantastic vegan purses out there these days. If you can dream it – you can bet some lovely brand has already made it – sustainably and charitably to boot.

From luxe evening clutches to structured messengers and everything in-between, you can fill your wardrobe with a cruelty free look for every occasion, no matter your budget, and I will encourage you every step of the way.

But me personally? I’m not looking for a million different bags – not today at least. I’m just looking for one. THE one. The one I will carry to work every single day because I do not have time to move my life from one bag to another in the mornings. The one that must hold not only my wallet, lipgloss, phone, and keys, but also my lunch, all of my desk-snacks, my favorite hand cream, an emergency hair brush, paperwork, glass water bottle, sometimes my morning smoothie cup, sometimes a sweater, and whatever my son has in his hands as we hobble down my apartment stairs at 7:30 in the morning – me in heels carrying a toddler, his monkey backpack, my bag, and coffee. Always coffee. Make two trips to the car? NEVER.

This year when I get my tax refund (the only day of the year it’s fun to be a broke single mom) I’m going to retire my 10 year old Marc Jacobs (I haven’t always been broke) whose shoulder-strap buckle likes to give out on me at the most in-opportune moments, and invest in something that will make my mornings a little bit nicer.

I have four requirements: 1. It has to be big enough to hold all of my stuff. 2. It has to go over my shoulder somehow. 3. It has to be well made and built to last. 4. It has to go with everything – or at least look so good that it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t match what I’m wearing!

Here are my options…

1. Stella McCartney Falabella:

Stella McCartney Black Falabella Shaggy Deer Big Tote Haha, just kidding. Maybe in an alternate universe where I made better choices and ended up being a doctor or something… then this would be yet another excellent choice on my part. Well done, bizarro Stefanie.

2. Angela & Roi Sunday Tote:

Angela & Roi Vegan Sunday Tote in Black

Now this is more like it – I’ve been dying over this bag for a while now and I was thisclose to splurging when I saw them in person at the PETA shopping event last fall… they are too beautiful for words. Is it finally time get one of my very own?!

 3. Leni Penn:

Leni Penn Vegan Black Crocodile Bag

I’ve posted about my love for this bag many times. It just seems like such a great, easy, everyday bag. Looks great too, obviously, and sturdy enough to meet my needs for sure… are you the one, Leni?

4. Freedom of Animals Veronika Tote:

Freedom of Animals Vegan Veronika Tote

I mean, come on. So elegant. So beautiful. If I carried this everyday I would be the classiest vegan lady in all the land. It’s a bit out of my price range today, but it’s definitely high up there on my someday list. (Detachable shoulder strap not pictured.)

5. Elezar Emma Satchel:

Elezar Vegan Emma Satchel

I guess this technically isn’t a “tote,” but I love it anyway. The hardware, the pockets, the zip top with a flap… pretty and functional and handmade in Los Angeles. What more could I want?!

6. Harveys Streamline Tote:

Harveys Vegan Streamline Tote Seatbelt Bag

The seatbelt bag is looking so chic these days. The fabric element might make it a little too casual to go with most of my work outfits, but I love it anyway. This would also make an awesome diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag for all of my fellow cool moms.

7. Matt & Nat Baxter:

Matt and Nat Vegan Baxter Bag I love this new bag by Matt & Nat – it’s the perfect combination of soft and sturdy. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap so you can wear it cross body too. Actually, there are A LOT of cute Matt & Nat bags with that handy little feature – too many to list here!

8. Wilby Primrose Tote:

Wilby Vegan Primrose Tote

This made in the UK bag is beautiful, made out of sustainable cork, and enormous. Yes, yes, and yes. Please!

Okay. I have no idea how I’m ever going to decide on just one of these bags. Now that I’ve sorted through them all I’m thinking maybe I could somehow justify buying two?? What do you guys think? HELP!


Happy love week everyone!

(Barf – why did I just say that?)

Let’s be honest. Valentine’s Day Sucks. Have you ever not been disappointed by this stupid holiday that I’m pretty sure was created just to make everyone feel bad?

Well this year I’m changing it up. Since I’m most likely going to be single for the rest of my life anyway, I’m going to start making Valentine’s Day about the most important of all relationships – the one I have with myself.

Yup. I’m going all Samantha Jones on ya.

Because we women often go to great lengths to take care of everyone around us without even stopping to realize that our needs are not being met. And who’s job is it to make sure you’re happy? YOURS. Never, ever rely on anyone else to do that for you. Unless you like being sad and disappointed. Then by all means, leave it up to the man in your life. I’ll wait. Just kidding. We’d be here  f o r e v e r…

This week is going to be all about me, myself, and I. Am I showing myself the love that I deserve? Am I treating myself as well as I treat everyone else in my life?

Am I eating the good chocolate?

Seriously, one of the best things about being vegan is indulging in the good stuff. No dairy or weird fillers… just pure unadulterated CHOCOLATE HEAVEN.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.05.47 AM

This truffle gift set by Coracao Confections comes with “love potion” hot chocolate…

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.06.09 AM

Made with roses, maca, and cardamom. Seriously, how good does that sound?!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.06.24 AM

It might be too late to guarantee delivery by Valentine’s day, but I say let’s just keep the love flowing all month.

Because boyfriend, schmoyfriend. I’m just gonna be over here buying myself flowers and sipping on fancy chocolate while doing whatever the heck else I want.

And after I work my way through this box, I’m sure Vegan Cuts will have plenty more where that came from…

this too…

also this!!



Hello! How about a little cruelty-free eco-friendly outfit inspiration to kick off your weekend?


1. Sweetheart Blouse – Mary Meyer

2. Vegan Leather Skirt – Hien Le

3. Hayburn Sunglasses – Proof Eyewear

4. Ballerina Bracelet – Catbird NYC

5. Sunday Tote – Angela & Roi

6. Adie Tweed Cut-Out Oxford – Bhava NY

When I decided that my New Year’s resolution would be to only buy from purposely vegan and/or eco conscious companies, I did not intend to apply the same rules for the outfit collages on my blog – mostly because it can be quite challenging to find the right images that don’t require too much effort in photoshop, but also because I like to include a variety of price points and trendy items. Because cute = good.

But on Tuesday my Topshop shoes broke. The ones I bought 9 months ago. Thankfully it happened at the end of my workday so I didn’t have to flop around my office like a sad clown all day, but still, what a waste. What is the point of having cute stuff if it doesn’t even last through the life span of the trend itself? So I’m over it and life AND in my blog. I wouldn’t want to get you all excited over some cute cheap shoes that are just going to be a total waste of money. We’re friends. Real friends talk you out of crap purchases. Instead of buying two pairs of shoes at Topshop, buy one ethically made and vegan shoe that’s going to make you feel good about your life and isn’t going to end up in the garbage. I love these cut-out oxfords from Bhava. They’re classic, feminine, luxurious, and I bet you there are literally one million ways to wear them. Go with those instead, girlfriend. Trust me…