Vegan outfit featuring clothing and accessories from Bead & Reel and Tom's Eyewear


1. Eve Playsuit – Groceries

2. Tiny Cat Studs – Natalie Frigo

3. Citrine Ring – Rachael Ryen Jewelry

4. Yvette Victorian Black Floral Sunglasses – TOMS

5. Faro Cork Clutch – Rok Cork

6. Artemis Sandal – Jason Wu + Melissa

Just the perfect summer weekend brunching/errands/playtime outfit courtesy of Bead & Reel + some Toms sunnies…

Last weekend it rained here in Los Angeles and I was so lazy! I will definitely be trying to make up for that this weekend. I hope you have some fun summer plans!

Side note – they are having a PET ADOPTION event at my office today!!!! I am going to try really hard not to come home with a cat, but I can’t make any promises 😉 TGIF!

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vegan oral care products from desert essence and trader joesWhen you make the decision to live a 100% cruelty free and vegan lifestyle, some things are easy to change. Like requesting a coconut milk latte instead of dairy. Or signing up for a vegan beauty box to discover new cruelty free skincare and makeup… so easy, delicious, and fun, right?! But what about your toothbrush? Floss? Toothpaste? Mouthwash? Are they produced by companies that test on animals? Most likely! Are you going to find an exact vegan replica to replace it? Most likely not! At least, maybe not right away…

When I started blogging about my new years resolution to only buy from purposefully vegan companies, I assumed I would just try some new products, fall in love with them (because they would be better than anything tested on animals, obviously) and be on my merry little no-harm caused way. So far, I’ve had great luck with my new razor, feel pretty smug about using my organic cotton balls and swabs, and you know, floss is floss I guess (or is it…?) But there are a few areas where I’m really struggling to find a decent cruelty free counterpart to my old standby products – namely in the toothpaste and deodorant sector – because nothing leaves me feeling as fresh as I would like! 🙊 Since I haven’t really found anything I’m loving yet I thought I’d share a quick rundown of everything I’ve tried and see if you have any suggestions for me. Starting with my mouth, because deodorant is another story for another day…

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Givenchy black faux leather backpack

You guys know I’m not shopping for new clothes this year unless they are from purposefully vegan and/or eco-friendly companies, HOWEVER, that’s not stopping me from looking at everything! What can I say? As much as I love finding beautiful clothes and accessories that are ethically produced, I still get a thrill out of finding vegan fashion from top designers and mainstream brands. I don’t know for sure, but I feel like all of this faux leather is a fairly new phenomenon… I hope it means that designers are open to replacing more and more real leather with vegan friendly options… wouldn’t that be AMAZING?!

A few of my current faves:


lanvin faux leather midi skirt

Stella McCartney:

stella mccartney faux fur falabella bag

Miu Miu:

Miu Miu faux croc faux leather mini dress

Stella McCartney:

Stella McCartney fur free fur faux jacket

Miu Miu:

miu miu red faux patent leather coat


givenchy leopard faux leather purse

Miu Miu:

Miu Miu faux leather cape

Pretty cool, right? Would you splurge on any of it? I might if I had the cash, but really, I’m just hoping to see a lot more faux leather designer fashion coming our way in the near future! 😻


happy as a clam BC Footwear x Della vegan shoes

Hi guys! Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend. I’m just sitting here at my computer, guiltily sipping my 2nd cold-brew-soy-latte while doing my usual weekend online window shopping to share with you for the week, and I happened to notice that these BC Footwear x Della flats are on sale at Nordstrom Rack for $22.97!!! I highly recommend snapping up these classic and ethically produced (from fabric handcrafted in West Africa) shoes before they disappear…

Here’s what I’d wear them with:

Side note – Did you know it’s national ice cream day?! I may have to break out the ice cream maker and try a new vegan recipe :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


Exciting news: If you’ve sworn off fast fashion like myself it may be time to give Topshop a second chance! The UK based retailer has recently launched Topshop Reclaim – a capsule collection made entirely from sustainable, surplus fabrics and production cutoffs. As you can see, it is indeed a capsule collection, but here’s hoping it grows into something much bigger…

ALSO, I’ve heard they are now carrying Matt & Nat handbags in select stores! I just love to see purposely vegan fashion brands getting out there in such a major way, don’t you?! It gives me hope that eventually vegan fashion will just be the norm… someday!

Have a great weekend you guys! I think I’m going to try out this Poshmark thing and check out Bead & Reel’s shop! YAY! TGIF :)


secondhand fashion from goodwill in yukon oklahoma

Hi guys. Do you ever have one of those days (weeks?) where you’re practically immobilized by stress? That’s my life right now. I came back to work from my little 3 day vacation to nearly 1800 emails (I marked them all as “read” and started fresh) and my workload just keeps getting more and more out of control. Yet I still don’t make enough money to pay all of my bills, so on top of trying to manage a high stress job where the demands are disproportionately scaled to the rate of pay, I’m racking my brain to try to figure out a way to make extra money on the side. But, I’m trying to be realistic with myself about what I can actually accomplish while working full time and taking care of my son, which is not a lot if I’m really honest, so I’m just left feeling kind of hopeless. And scared. I don’t know what to do. Anyway, long story short, I had a million things that I wanted to post about this week, but they’re all escaping me at the moment! How about I just show you some of my finds from the antique mall and Goodwill store in Yukon, Oklahoma?!

When I was home last week my Grandma wanted to take me shopping, but you know, I’m not doing that so much this year and I didn’t really need anything, so my sister and I asked her to take us to the antique mall and the thrift store! I wasn’t expecting much, but I found a 1980s/90s white/pastel intarsia cotton cardigan, a denim baby doll dress from Forever 21, (very 90s) and a yellow bias-cut midi dress from Fossil with a very 1930s vibe. I also spotted a pair of 90s high waisted flared Todd Oldham jeans which I had to pass on because they were a size too small, dang it! Everything was so inexpensive I didn’t mind letting my Grandma buy it all for me, you know? 😉 And even though I don’t really need anything, I’m always kind of on the hunt for good cardigans, work dresses, and easy things to wear on the weekends, so I’m pretty happy with my finds!

My favorite find, however, came from the antique mall…

vintage enamel daisy cuff earrings

A pair of vintage enameled daisy and faux pearl cuff earrings! Aren’t they cute?! And so appropriate, no? They’re little half-hoops that just slide on and off, and I’ve been wearing them paired up higher up on my ear, under my cartilage hoop. I think they were about $12? It really doesn’t take much to make me happy… #littlethings

I also scored a pair of sunglasses from the antique mall which I forgot to take a picture of, but they’re super cute! I hadn’t been antique shopping with my Grandma in ages so it was really fun to get to do that again… and I just love the idea of taking old forgotten things collecting dust in an antique mall in Oklahoma and recycling them into my world. It’s so much more satisfying than going to the mall!

Do you guys ever shop second hand? I never did much before this year (aside from my vintage habit) but it’s kind of addicting. I’m feeling inspired to try selling some of my lesser worn clothes on Poshmark… has anyone out there tried it? Had any luck? Is there something even better I should look into? Let me know what you think!

Oh! And if you’re in LA, tonight is the night for FREE YOGA at Bead & Reel – click here for the details. They’re also having a yoga sale in store and online… if you can’t make it out tonight I highly suggest signing up for their newsletter! Enjoy!


Raw Opal Ring by HAWKHOUSE on Etsy

I don’t know about you guys, but I can get lost on Etsy for HOURS discovering new vegan accessories, handmade jewelry, small batch beauty products, and obsession-worthy vintage dresses. It’s a virtual, never-ending treasure trove of amazing for anyone striving to live a cruelty free lifestyle and consume consciously. And if you’re a vintage nut like me, forget about it… time well spent, obviously. :) 

Part of the fun of exploring everything for sale on Etsy is curating your own list of favorite items… from that someday maybe engagement ring to the I’ve got to remember to try that all-natural toothpaste… I’m just waiting for the right time to add all of the goodies to my cart! I’m thinking now (SUMMER!!!) is most definitely the right time to snap up my current faves. Click on the images to explore and shop!

herbivore sea mist by herbivore botanicals on etsyOpal Crystal Cluster Open Cuff Bracelet by Therese Kuempel on EtsyVintage 1980s CORFU Jeans by ClaireInc on Etsy

Olympia Faux Leather Sandasy by Golden Ponies

Liquid Holographic Glitter iPhone case by the bling bling on etsy

Aromi Solid Vegan Perfume Sample on Etsy

Knee High Lace Up White Gladiator Sandas by Chrysandals

Colorful vegan zebra in love bracelet by Good Mood Moon on Etsy

wax & wane moonstone studs by GemBlue on Etsy

Teal Roses Organic Cotton Bralette by Katastrophic design on etsy

vegan dish prep bowls by Jeanette Zeis on Etsy

Blue Vintage cat eye glasses by Vintage Optical Shop on Etsy

vintage Gunne Sax Sun Dress by Standard Edition on Etsy

vegan deodorant from just the goods on etsy

Pink Clay Soap and Facial Mask by Herbivore Botanicals

halo diamond engagement ring by Fromag on etsy

1950s vintage woven purse by standard edition on etsy

Honestly, I could just keep going, and going, and going – but I think I’ll leave you to explore all of this summer goodness on your own for now. Enjoy! See you in a couple of days… 😉

Need to see more? Follow me on Etsy to stay up to date on my current vegan faves!

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vegan and ethical fashion outfit from bead & reel - dress by mata traders, shoes by melissa, vegan purse by angela & roi, sunglasses by EQO optics


1. Wooden Mariana Sunglasses – EQO Optics

2. Three Stone Gold Heart Ring – Rachael Ryen Jewelry

3. Morning Cross-Body Bag – Angela & Roi

4. Patchuli Peep Toe Wedge – Melissa

5. Hello Dolly Dress – Mata Traders

Hi! HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m back from my little family vacation and so excited to share a few more of my favorite things from Bead & Reel with you today. I am O B S E S S E D with this fair trade cotton Mata Traders dress – so adorable – and did you know that Melissa shoes are recyclable?! Now I love them even more! I think Bead & Reel has such a stellar collection of vegan and ethical pieces that are actually affordable too – and lucky for those of us in Los Angeles – we can now visit the store in person! They’re open all of July at the Arts District Co-Op at 453 Colyton Street, Los Angeles, 90013 | Tuesday – Thursday 11AM – 7 PM & Friday – Sunday 12PM – 8PM. I cannot wait to check it out and see everything in person!

Also, mark your calendars, because they are having a free yoga night (!!!) on July 15th from 5-8PM – featuring a free yoga class, healthy refreshments, and a yoga sale benefitting The Peace Exchange. Then, on July 18th, you can visit during the Co-op Fest from 12PM – 10PM and enjoy live music, food trucks, drinks, and of course, fresh art installations! I so wish that I was able to attend the yoga night, and I will definitely be stopping by during the Co-op fest because art and ethical vegan fashion are my two most favorite things… so fun! Have a great weekend you guys – I’ll be back Monday with lots more to share :)

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vegan outfit featuring angela & roi clutch, stella mccartney sandals, and toms sunglasses


1. Cielo Crop Top – Rebecca Minkoff

2. Pleated Culottes – See by Chloe

3. Blue Cats Eye Ear Pins – Rachael Ryen Jewelry

4. Kitty Retro Polka Dot Sunglasses – Toms

5. Palette Cross-Body Bag – Angela & Roi

6. Embellished Sandals – Stella McCartney

Hi ‘Merica! I hope you’re having a fantastic holiday weekend so far! We’re in Oklahoma visiting family and taking a little Summer break over the next few days. I’m trying to keep up with my blogging schedule, but that’s easier said than done when you take post-thunderstorm power outages and my parents’ rual lack of high speed internet connection into consideration. It’s basically a complete 180 from life in Los Angeles, which I suppose is acceptable two times per year…

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll be making vegan potato salad and lemon bars and probably drinking all of the wine while trying to calm down my dog and my toddler from the fireworks… and also posting a link to every vegan/ethical fashion holiday sale that I can find, just incase you’ve had your eye on something amazing recently… check out my Window Shopping & Sales page for all of the discount codes! Have a great weekend! :) 💥