vegan outfit featuring an MiH top, J brand jeans, Bhava studio vegan suede booties, and a vegan leather tote by deux lux

This is the outfit I needed at 6:45 this morning. A breezy button up to hide one too many weekend glasses of wine and Halloween candy, wear with everything skinnies, luxe comfy booties, a rich looking tote to hold all of the snacks it takes to get me through a workday, and dainty gold good luck charms to chase away my case of The Mondays. Why can’t I be one of those good sensible girls with a wardrobe full of interchangeable classic pieces to throw on and instantly look pulled together? Really must get it together at some point…


1. The Double Pocket Plaid Cotton Shirt – MiH Jeans

2. Kota Stud Earrings – Elizabeth and James

3. Aviator Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

4. Varick Tote – Deux Lux

5. The Maria High Rise Skinny Jeans – J Brand

6. Crosby Low Pull-On Bootie – Bhava

7. Evil Eye Bracelet – Tai



Seriously though… why do the weekends go by so fast?

Actually, it’s not just the weekends. It’s every day. Up at 5, packing lunches, daycare drop off, commuting, millions of emails, driving home, dinner, dishes, pilates, bath time, blog time, pass out, do it again in 5 hours… How is it possible that such mundane things can go by in what feels like the blink of an eye? Yet the cold (allergies?) that I’ve had for two weeks feels like it’s been hanging on for an eternity.

I’m feeling a little better since my last post… I still feel a little bit of a funk hanging on, but I’m trying to ignore it and focus on more positive thoughts. Big thanks to everyone who commented. It means a lot to know that I’m not alone, and also to know that what I’m doing is enjoyed by people I’ve never even met – I mean, how exciting is that?!

So onward and upward – I think it’s going to be a good week.

At least I already know that my breakfast is going to be amazing because I just made my very favorite pumpkin bread recipe.

And I did a little splurging at Whole Foods yesterday. I got these and these and these (finally – they were in-stock!) And I accidentally bought some candy corn that for some reason I thought was vegan but it actually wasn’t due to the egg whites and honey. Um… guess that’s what I get for shopping with a toddler while under the influence of cold medicine. And also, WHY IS THERE NO VEGAN CANDY CORN?! And who the heck puts eggs in candy? There’s no way that’s necessary. Someone needs to make some vegan candy corn, pronto.

I’m trying to find ways to streamline my life wherever possible, which basically means that my hair and make up look like crap a lot while I tell myself I’m trés French. Making a big meal on Sundays that I can have for leftovers during the week has been working out pretty well though. This week it’s my favorite lentil soup. It’s hearty and healthy and basically zero calories. I eat it with pita chips and hummus.

Finally – I’m going to get back to posting outfits and such here this week, but in case you missed it, this is the outfit I posted last week for Vilda Magazine. 100% vegan, bien sûr.




Sunday night blues

Oh, hey, is it Sunday night again already?

Forgive my lack of posting this week… I’ve been a bit under the weather (pretty sure I have the consumption) and frankly, I just haven’t been motivated to make outfit collages lately. This is not because there aren’t enough cruelty free clothing and accessories to choose from… on the contrary, I have more inspiration than I know what to do with. It’s just that the more I learn about the fashion industry, the less I want to buy, period. Of course, I haven’t actually been able to afford to buy anything since I started this blog, but you know what I mean… I’m just not in the mood to promote anyone buying anything right now. I didn’t realize how bleak that sounded until I saw it typed out on my screen… it appears that I am officially in a funk you guys.

I don’t want to complain. I just feel the need to mention what’s going on with me. Otherwise what’s the point of having a blog, you know? Basically, being a single parent sucks. I’m tired. I’m tired of being broke. Like, to the point where I’m actually starting to panic. I want to find a way to earn extra money, but I also don’t want to create any more waste in the world. I think there is a way around this, if you have the money to spend. I do not. I mean, I could say that I’m only going to buy second hand, or hand-made cruelty free pieces that are made in the USA by artisans who are paid a fair living wage, but I can’t actually buy anything, so what’s the point?

I want to know…

How do you help yourself out of a funk? Mantras? Meditation? Volunteering? Wine? I’d love some advice!


How do you balance your desire for sustainable living with your desire for bright shiny new pretty things?

And one last question…

If you’re vegan – what are your thoughts on buying vintage shoes and purses made from leather? Is it better to buy something pre-owned made from animals or something new made from plastic with questionable production practices? I’m asking because I’m thinking about starting my Etsy shop up again… would I loose all credibility as a vegan fashion blogger if I sold vintage leather?

Leave me a comment – I’d love to know what your thoughts!

Also, have a great week. I’ll try to do the same.


- Stefanie


Vegan Leather Falabella Bag by Stella McCartney

If you’re a vegan who’s into fashion there’s a good chance you’ve been dreaming about owning one of these bags.

They are one of the few vegan bags that non-vegans go crazy for too – they’re just that cool.

I happened to notice that The Outnet has an amazing selection of Stella McCartney bags and shoes at 40 – 70 % off right now, so I loaded up my shopping page with my favorite picks!

Gotta love it when the designer accessories of your dreams because slightly more attainable…

Vegan faux python shoulder bag by stella mccartney

Ella vegan leather shoulder bag by Stella McCartney

Coral vegan leather falabella bag by stella mccartney

Just gorgeous… sigh

Want to know more about why Stella chooses not to use leather in her designs? Click here to find out!


you cannot fake chic but you can be chic and fake fur karl lagerfeld the fakeover


This Autumn we are killing it with kindness over at Vilda Magazine…

Taking over the fashion world one cruelty free coat at a time.

You’re invited to join the revolution!

Share your own faux fur looks, quotes, anything, with the hashtag:


Over at Vilda’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter,

and do your part to prove Mr. Lagerfeld right!

  • Need a little inspiration?


IIKONEE Spring/Summer 2015

Have you heard about IIKONEE?

I just discovered this brand over the weekend, and I am OBSESSED.

IIKONEE Spring/Summer 2015

Everything is 100% vegan and 1000% fabulous. I love that it doesn’t look anything like what you picture in your head when you hear the words “vegan fashion.”

IIKONEE Spring/Summer 2015

It just looks like really cool clothes.

IIKONEE Spring/Summer 2015

Which gets me all excited about the future of fashion.

IIKONEE Spring/Summer 2015

A small sampling of my favorite pieces:

(click the images to shop) 

Iikonee layered shorts

Iikonee pleated shirt

Iikonee cropped trousers

Iikonee long dress with slits

And you know how much I love a good vegan coat…

Iikonee oversized layered coat

Iikonee shawl collar coat


Click on the images above or visit for more cruelty-free fashion inspiration!