Mercury Toxicity in the Mouth

Multiple medical studies report that the results of mercury toxicity may be mitigated and sometimes reversed when correct procedures are implemented to take away the sources of mercury poisoning within the physique. The commonest supply of mercury entering the body is from mercury fillings, suggesting that a secure, comprehensive protocol of silver amalgam removal in Tijuana and replacement can lead to a marked improvement in well being.

When a person is confronted with mercury poisoning, three bodily techniques—immune, cleansing, and elimination—come into play to take care of the issue. The first line of protection, the immune system, recognizes pathogens and foreign substances which are injurious to well being. The immune system may react by neutralizing the threatening substance; it might also reply with chronic irritation, with an overreacting immune reaction, or by shutting down entirely. These latter immune responses can lead to degenerative conditions and organ or tissue harm.

In order to avoid such complications, it is important to seek the help of a trained holistic dentist. By following the proper protocol treatments, your biological dentist will be able to properly care for your entire well being.